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GW-2160C Multi Frequency Locator/Receiver

Both the transmitter and the receiver are equipped with a large capacity lithium battery pack. A fully recharge can last a whole working day outdoors. The recharging function has greatly reduced the detection costs.

GWOL-668 overhead line fault location

GWOL-668 overhead line fault location system used for 6-35kV overhead line grounding points accuracy pinpointing for the low resistance fault, high resistance, ARC grounding fault.

DCGL-666 DC Ground Fault Locator

The ground fault of DC system in power system is a kind of fault which is easy to happen and is harmful to power system. Whether it is positive or negative ground, it may cause the protection to be mis-operated or the protection to resist, endangering the normal operation of the power system.


Good solution of the pinpointing of single phase to earth fault as signal transmitter and it can also matched with FLD-903P EHV cable sheath fault pinpointer to do sheath fault pinpointing.

GW-2180 Pipeline Locator

Underground pipeline is an important part of urban infrastructure, urban underground pipelines, including water supply, drainage, gas, heat, telecommunications, electricity, industrial pipelines and other broad categories,Is to play a city function, the material basisto ensure that the city's economic and social health, coordinated development, known as the city's "blood vessels" and "nerves".

GW-2160A Multi Frequency Underground Pipe Locator

Left and right positioning arrows indicate the target pipeline position fast and accurately; front and rear arrows and dB value indicates the point and size of the coating damage.