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High voltage surge Generator Tester with Meter 0-14kV 1000J

The HVSG-605-12 High voltage pulse generator is a tie-rod portable integrated device, which is mainly used for shock discharge during low-voltage cable fault testing. The pulse generator adopts humanized design operation mode, high-precision dedicated high-voltage electronic components and high-frequency high-voltage technology, which is easy to operate, light in weight and easy to carry.


FLC-908D EHV cable sheath fault pin-pointer is an intelligent devices integrated with computer technology, digital signal processing technology and with innovative features, high-performance.


Good solution of the pinpointing of single phase to earth fault as signal transmitter and it can also matched with FLD-903P EHV cable sheath fault pinpointer to do sheath fault pinpointing.


The PCLC-906D Power Cable Fault locator is an easy operation device used for distance locating . It’s easy to operate,support both touch screen/button operation and with friendly interface.

GW-2160C Multi Frequency Locator/Receiver

Both the transmitter and the receiver are equipped with a large capacity lithium battery pack. A fully recharge can last a whole working day outdoors. The recharging function has greatly reduced the detection costs.

GWOL-668 overhead line fault location

GWOL-668 overhead line fault location system used for 6-35kV overhead line grounding points accuracy pinpointing for the low resistance fault, high resistance, ARC grounding fault.


The tester abandons the traditional way of making power by artificial, uses advanced large scale integrated circuits,applies DC / AC transformation technology ,makes three side buttons, four-terminal measurement button to combine into a model of the new grounding resistance measuring instrument.

DCHV-1200 120kV-3mA DC high voltage generator

The high voltage DC generator is a new product designed according to the new China electric power industry standard DL / T848.1-2004 "DC high voltage generator general technical conditions". This product is mainly used for DC endure experiment to high voltage device such as Electric Power Cooperation, Metallurgy, Iron and Steel enterprises.

GWHP-1100 VLF Hipot Tester

High voltage withstand test of electrical equipment is one of the most important items specified in insulation preventive test.

DCGL-666 DC Ground Fault Locator

The ground fault of DC system in power system is a kind of fault which is easy to happen and is harmful to power system. Whether it is positive or negative ground, it may cause the protection to be mis-operated or the protection to resist, endangering the normal operation of the power system.

GWSCCT752D Split Core Current Transformer

GWSCCT752D series retro-fit (split-core) current transformer has been specially
designed to facilitate their installation in new or already existing net works. They may be installed without opening any cable or bus-bar circuit. An internal precision resistor across the secondary winding of the CT provides a low safe voltage output. It can save time and the installation costs.